Architecture designed and built to meet customer needs, where the organization of spaces has the scale of the people who will live them. Refurbishment, renovation, redevelopment of apartments and villas, historic buildings, shops, offices to give new life to places already lived. I carefully use contemporary materials to enhance the aesthetics and harmony of the spaces, combining them with innovative techniques to achieve maximum comfort in the environment. An architectural design that pays the utmost attention to the practical and functional aspects of everyday life, through sustainable design and respect for the environment.


Careful listening to customer requests, selection of innovative materials, the cautious use of colors and finishes, fabrics and furnishings, an appropriate lighting design, to make the environment as practical and usable as possible. I avail myself of the support of a group of skilled craftsmen and experienced labor to carry out the renovation projects, for decorations or total restoration. Over the years I have understood that every element, even the apparently less important one, hides within itself a potential for beauty that can emerge through the courageous use of color. The right color can transform that tiny detail into the main protagonist of the whole space.


Design aimed at highlighting the aesthetic, historical and cultural characteristics of the place given, accompanied by an appropriate selection and use of modern techniques for the management and maintenance of the environment. I carefully study open spaces trying to make them an integral part of the internal spaces, active part of daily life. I consider the research for modern materials fundamental in my work, as the use of natural, sustainable and recycled coatings and applied with great care, to preserve the natural characteristics of the environment. Finally also the choice of plants is targeted, with scents and colors that may directly influence the soul.


The laws of colors are inexpressibly beautiful,
just because they are not due to chance.
Vincent Van Gogh